Tiago André ALves


It all started in April 1989.

I was born in Lisbon, that year.


I got interested in movies and video from an early age.

My parents bought a VHS camcorder when I was 6 years old and fortunately they trusted me enough to let me use it whenever I wanted. The first time I looked through the viewfinder and pressed the zoom button, a new world of possibilities was literally opened before my eyes. I couldn't stop thinking about the endless possibilities of that medium and learned a lot by simply playing around with the camcorder.

DVD extra features had a big impact on my life. One of the first movie DVD that reached my hands was The Matrix. I watched The Matrix's Making Of over and over again. At that moment, I knew that I wanted to learn everything I could about VFX.

I got on the internet and learned the most I could by reading articles and watching videos - something that, before YouTube, was not as easy as it sounds.


I studied Visual Arts in High School. I was always trying to use video in school assignments as much as I could.

After I finished High School I applied for Lisbon's Fine-Arts Faculty, in order to study Multimedia Art. Unfortunately I didn't accomplished that, and so decided to try an Architecture Master's Degree at Évora's University. I studied Architecture for 4 years.


In 2012, I joined three other friends and together we applied for a professional internship at RTP, in order to produce an animation short-film called Adolfo. We were accepted and given the wonderful opportunity to entirely produce the animation short-film. I learned a lot during that process and, until this day, it's one of the projects I'm most proud to have been a part of.
I was responsible for most of the 3D CGI and the most demanding VFX shots. I also composed the Original Sound Track and Theme for which I was awarded with Best Original Score at Shortcutz Lisbon 2015.

After realizing that animation, 3D and VFX were the things that brought me the most joy, I dropped out of my Architecture Master's Degree and applied again for Lisbon's Fine-Arts Faculty, to study Multimedia Art. This time I was accepted.

By that time, I was studying and working as a freelancer. After a while it became unbearable to do both at the same time.
I felt I wasn't evolving and learning as much as I could and should, so I decided to start working Full-Time, since I was learning so much more in each gig I got.
In 2013, I worked at Animais AVPL (Lisbon), on a 3D animation series. I worked as a 3D Generalist, and was responsible for modeling props and characters, lighting, texturing and rendering.

In 2014, I worked briefly at Buggin Media (Lisbon), where I worked as a compositor and animator for a web-series.

After a while, I moved to Dialogue (Lisbon), where I worked as a 3D Generalist in several advertisement projects. The work demand ranged from 3D prop modeling and rendering to real looking VFX. Each project would present a new challenge, which made me grow and learn a lot.
At Dialogue, I had the opportunity to work with brands like WTF, DPD and Copa America.

In March 2016 I moved to the UK, to work at JAM Media.
I started as a Compositor, responsible for rotoscoping and tracking, but recently began to work as a 3D Generalist, modeling, animating and rendering realistic looking props. I've been working at JAM Media since then, and it has been on of my best personal and professional experiences. It's wonderful to work within a vast team of talented people for a studio that won a BAFTA.

I'm always looking forward for new challenges and projects. There's nothing better than a challenge that makes you learn new things and improve each day. A day in which I don’t learn a new thing is a wasted day.